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Raut Scientific & General Traders
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Mars Tech
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Online Surgicals.com
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Goodhealth Inc.
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Cynosure Solution
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Blood And Fluid Warmer

Blood and fluid warmer are medical devices. Blood and fluid warmer especially are used for healthcare facilities for warming fluids, crystalloids, blood products, or colloids. Blood and fluid warmer are before being administered to prevent hypothermia in physically traumatized or surgical patients and body temperature levels. Infusion blood and fluid warmers, these medical devices are FDA regulated, which have a product code LGZ. Blood and fluid warmers are known as unclassified medical devices with special considerations. To be legally marketed in the United States, It requires 510(k) clearance.

There are two special categories of fluid warmers: first are warm fluids before use, and second are those actively warm fluids.

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