Available Results For Bone Holding Forceps

South India Surgical Company Limited
Bone Holding Forceps 490-62941
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Dolphin Surgicals
Bone Holding Forceps 912-46884
Thane , Maharashtra
Golden Nimbus India Private Limited
Bone Holding Forceps 1100-46889
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Microsidd India Private Limited
Bone Holding Forceps 1169-46887
Bengaluru , Karnataka
V.R. Ortho
Bone Holding Forceps 1499-50036
Navsari , Gujarat
Fidato Healthcare
Bone Holding Forceps 1672-63586
Vadodara , Gujarat
Uma Surgicals
Bone Holding Forceps 1676-53764
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Bone Holding Forceps 1724-60788
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Staan Bio-med Engineering Private
Bone Holding Forceps 1725-46878
Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu
GK Surgicals
Bone Holding Forceps 1727-46881
Jalandhar , Punjab
Zenith Orthocare Pvt. Ltd.
Bone Holding Forceps 1728-46882
New Delhi , Delhi
Reviti International
Bone Holding Forceps 1729-46883
Delhi , Delhi
Panchal Meditech Pvt. Ltd.
Bone Holding Forceps 1730-46885
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Yogeshwar Implants Private Limited
Bone Holding Forceps 1731-46888
M2C Lifecare
Bone Holding Forceps 1732-46890
Gandhinagar , Gujarat
Surgitech Ortho India
Bone Holding Forceps 1734-50033
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Ajay Surgical Works
Bone Holding Forceps 1735-57556
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Warden Surgical Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Bone Holding Forceps 3084-62890
Raigad , Maharashtra
Chaitanya Enterprises
Bone Holding Forceps 3694-50035
Pune , Maharashtra
Verble Surgical Industries
Bone Holding Forceps 4121-52715
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Tufft Surgical Instruments
Bone Holding Forceps 4358-53963
Ajmer , Rajasthan
Bronz Surgical Company
Bone Holding Forceps 4361-54030
Jalandhar , Punjab
Jagjit Surgicals Works
Bone Holding Forceps 67183-64457
Jalandhar , Punjab

Bone Holding Forceps

Bone holding forceps are used to steady the bone during orthopedic events. They can be used on all bones and come in a variety of dimensions and panaches. The jagged and rough orifices permit the tongs to firmly steady the bone. Some of the bone holding forceps emanate with indentations which permit the tongs to be resolutely convoluted to the bone and permits improved grasp transfer. They can be used in combination with bone pedals, bone reamers, and gaging tools which are also obtainable through Surgical Instruments dealers. Ozahub Provides a list of bone holding forceps manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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