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Vin Biotech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Cardiac Pacemaker 382-50359
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Perfect Technologies
Cardiac Pacemaker 383-46740
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Indian Medical Systems And Technologies
Cardiac Pacemaker 384-46754
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Sunshine Heart Institute Private Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 386-50361
Secunderabad , Telangana
Biomedical Electronics Equipments
Cardiac Pacemaker 387-46747
New Delhi , Delhi
Unicare System
Cardiac Pacemaker 388-46745
Delhi , Delhi
Cardiac Pacemaker 389-46739
Delhi , Delhi
Cardiac Pacemaker 390-50366
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Powerway Systems
Cardiac Pacemaker 391-46750
Delhi , Delhi
Centenial Surgical Suture Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 709-50354
Thane , Maharashtra
Advent Devices Private Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 710-46741
New Delhi , Delhi
Rhythm Medical Devices Private Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 711-46742
New Delhi , Delhi
Shree Pacetronix Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 712-46744
Kolkata , West Bengal
Dsa Exports
Cardiac Pacemaker 1797-46736
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Stalwart Trade Impex
Cardiac Pacemaker 1798-46743
Kochi , Kerala
Medived Innovation Private Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 1799-46746
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Premier Traders
Cardiac Pacemaker 1800-46748
New Delhi , Delhi
 New Generation Enterprises
Cardiac Pacemaker 1801-46749
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
GL Tradex
Cardiac Pacemaker 1802-46751
Surat , Gujarat
SK Electronics
Cardiac Pacemaker 1806-46755
Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
Gaur Surgicals
Cardiac Pacemaker 2347-50086
New Delhi , Delhi
Sky Medical System
Cardiac Pacemaker 2518-50357
Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
M/S Dr. Mahesh Subhash Ghogre
Cardiac Pacemaker 3595-48203
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Onp Hospitals
Cardiac Pacemaker 3598-48361
Pune , Maharashtra
Ananda Surgicals
Cardiac Pacemaker 66297-56648
Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala
Apni Corporation
Cardiac Pacemaker 67117-64862
New Delhi , Delhi
Surbhi Meditek
Cardiac Pacemaker 67128-64108
Jaipur , Rajasthan
The Punarnava Team
Cardiac Pacemaker 67394-64859
Ludhiana , Punjab
Shree Pacepronix Limited
Cardiac Pacemaker 67397-64868
Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Cardiac Pacemaker Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Dealers

A Cardiac pacemaker is a small, battery-operated device. This cardiac pacemaker senses when your heart is beating irregularly or too slowly. It sends a signal to your heart that makes your heartbeat at the correct pace. It helps your heart to be normal. The contraction of cardiac muscle in all animals is initiated by electrical impulses known as action potentials. The rate at which these impulses fire, controls the rate of cardiac contraction, that is, the heart rate. The cells that create these rhythmic impulses, setting the pace for blood pumping, are called pacemaker cells, and they directly control the heart rate. They make up the cardiac pacemaker, that is, the natural pacemaker of the heart. In most humans, the concentration of pacemaker cells in the sinoatrial (SA) node is the natural pacemaker, and the resultant rhythm is a sinus rhythm. Since it is easy to buy and reliable, every hospital relies on Ozahub when it comes to buying healthcare equipment. For such equipment, you can just rely on Ozahub.

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