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Global Medilife Solution
Cath Lab Machine 181-66191
Delhi , Delhi
Universal Meditech Inc
Cath Lab Machine 22-47783
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 81-45327
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Allengers Medical Systems Limited
Cath Lab Machine 87-51139
Chandigarh , Chandigarh
Seemeds Healthcare Solutions Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 174-50326
Delhi , Delhi
Schiller Healthcare India Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 175-47777
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Sunrays Image Technology Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 176-47780
Jaipur , Rajasthan
Allengers Medical Systems Ltd.
Cath Lab Machine 178-47785
Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Biomedical Engineering Company
Cath Lab Machine 179-47792
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Define Health Care Pvt Limited
Cath Lab Machine 180-47789
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Meditech Systems
Cath Lab Machine 182-47793
Jaipur , Rajasthan
SBM Healthcare (India) Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 190-47781
New Delhi , Delhi
Komega Impex Pvt. Ltd
Cath Lab Machine 192-54305
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Asia Medical Systems
Cath Lab Machine 450-47787
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Praana Health Systems
Cath Lab Machine 948-47779
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Meditex Imaging Systems
Cath Lab Machine 1073-47784
Thane , Maharashtra
Indian Hospital Systems
Cath Lab Machine 1457-54777
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Connexxial Medical Systems Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 2222-49370
Thane , Maharashtra
Monega Enterprises
Cath Lab Machine 2966-51155
, Punjab
Benaka Healthcare (Unit Of Benaka Business Consultancy)
Cath Lab Machine 3343-50327
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Innovation Imaging Technologies Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 3558-52685
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Define Healthcare Limited
Cath Lab Machine 3630-49329
Pune , Maharashtra
Sai Imaging Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Cath Lab Machine 3636-49372
Nashik , Maharashtra
Omkar Healthcare Solution Pvt Ltd
Cath Lab Machine 4034-52537
Thane , Maharashtra
Indelect Technologies.Pvt.Ltd
Cath Lab Machine 4237-53123
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Medrev Healthcare Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 4269-53313
Delhi , Delhi
Cath Lab Machine 4321-53485
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Mentor Medical System
Cath Lab Machine 4416-54307
Ahmednagar , Maharashtra
Sanjeevani Hospital
Cath Lab Machine 4481-54630
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Medione Services
Cath Lab Machine 4494-60952
Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh
Indelect Techonologies Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 4505-54766
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Seagate Imaging Systems
Cath Lab Machine 4508-54782
Secunderabad , Telangana
Hi Touch Instruments
Cath Lab Machine 4509-54801
Pune , Maharashtra
Orbit Ace Medicare Private Limited
Cath Lab Machine 4510-54805
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Anthem Health Care
Cath Lab Machine 4512-54821
Faridabad , Haryana
Mednob Healthcare
Cath Lab Machine 66285-56609
Madurai , Tamil Nadu
 Shimadzu Medical India Pvt Ltd
Cath Lab Machine 66787-60905
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Meditech Enterprise
Cath Lab Machine 67159-64333
Hooghly , West Bengal
Integrated Medi Equipment
Cath Lab Machine 67506-65219
Pune , Maharashtra

Cath Lab Machine Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

A Cath lab machine is commonly used in an examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found. A Cath lab machine has special imaging equipment used to see the arteries and check how well blood is flowing to and from the heart. Cath lab machines are specially used to observe the flow of blood from the heart. This information helps the care team to diagnose and treat blockages and other problems in the arteries. Due to the cath lab machine, it becomes easy to treat the patient for the doctors. Demand for Cath Lab Machine has increased in the market that many hospitals prefer to buy it from Ozahub. Since it is easy to buy and reliable, every hospital relies on Ozahub when it comes to buying healthcare equipment.

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