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Delux Logistics & Packaging
Custom Clearing Agency 3681-65773
Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra
Multinational Logistics & Express Services
Custom Clearing Agency 3683-49449
Pune , Maharashtra
JRB Freight Forwarders
Custom Clearing Agency 3684-49450
Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra
Trigon Synergies Private Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67683-65601
New Delhi , Delhi
Azan India Exim Logistics
Custom Clearing Agency 67754-65755
New Delhi , Delhi
Ace Multifreight Logistics Private Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67755-65756
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Custom Clearing Agency 67756-65757
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Threestar Solutions & Services Private Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67757-65758
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Arc Worldwide Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67758-65762
New Delhi , Delhi
Apple Freight & Logistics Llp
Custom Clearing Agency 67759-65766
Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra
Vidhissa Shipping & Transmovers
Custom Clearing Agency 67760-65769
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Go Speed E Logistics
Custom Clearing Agency 67761-65775
Ludhiana , Punjab
DGR  Packaging Pvt.Ltd.
Custom Clearing Agency 67763-65780
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Custom Clearing Agency 67764-65781
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67765-65784
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
Pbl Transport Corporation Ovt Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67766-65787
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
Alliance Shipping And Logistics
Custom Clearing Agency 67767-65790
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
Brisk Xpress Shipping
Custom Clearing Agency 67768-65792
Hyderabad , Telangana
Integral Trading And Logistics India Private Limited
Custom Clearing Agency 67769-65796
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
Shakti Clearing Agency
Custom Clearing Agency 67770-65797
Gandhidham , Gujarat
Custom Clearing Agency 67771-65800
Gandhidham , Gujarat
Custom Clearing Agency 67772-65801
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Custom Clearing Agency 67773-65802
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Unique Speditorer Pvt Ltd
Custom Clearing Agency 67774-65804
Gandhidham , Gujarat

Custom Clearing Agent

A person who is responsible for a client's customs procedures. A custom clearing agent ensures compliance with relevant laws in order to expedite the import or export process. Customs clearance is the act of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo into a country (import) and outside the country (export). While a freight forwarder can be seen as an entity who undertakes to transfer cargo of the customer from one point to another, the clearing agent is an agent who completes all port and customs formalities on behalf of the consignee or receiver of cargo at the destination port. All the healthcare instruments and equipment are available at ozahub. You just have to go through the site and search for it. You will find all the equipment. Demand for Custom Clearing Agent has increased in the market so, many hospitals prefer to buy them from Ozahub. Since it is easy to buy and reliable, every hospital relies on Ozahub when it comes to buying healthcare equipment.

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