Available Results For electrocautery

Delta Medical Corporation
electrocautery 447-56115
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Healkeren Medtronics Private Limited
electrocautery 25-54104
Bengaluru , Karnataka
E- Mold Techniques
electrocautery 72-48278
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
electrocautery 82-45334
Pune , Maharashtra
Accord Medical Products Private Limited
electrocautery 95-48266
New Delhi , Delhi
Meditech International
electrocautery 298-51177
Chandigarh , Chandigarh
Xcellance Medical Technologies Private Limited
electrocautery 408-48263
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Kliff Health Care Private Limited
electrocautery 431-65011
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Biotech Health Care Systems
electrocautery 503-54526
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Yare Healthcare Private Limited
electrocautery 549-48268
Delhi , Delhi
SMS Meditech India Private Limited
electrocautery 550-48269
Patna , Bihar
A. Lakhanpal Trading Co. Private Limited
electrocautery 552-48271
New Delhi , Delhi
Matrix Medicals Private Limited
electrocautery 553-48272
Thane , Maharashtra
M/s Fulcrum Cosmotech
electrocautery 554-48273
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Hope Healthcare
electrocautery 555-48274
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Global Technology Solutions
electrocautery 557-48277
New Delhi , Delhi
Biomedicon Systems India Pvt Ltd
electrocautery 558-48279
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Vision Enterprises
electrocautery 846-55376
Kolkata , West Bengal
Kara Mediclust Private Limited
electrocautery 908-48264
New Delhi , Delhi
SS Technomed Private Limited
electrocautery 926-52066
Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
electrocautery 969-48262
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
c cube advanced technologies
electrocautery 1594-48261
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Bhama India
electrocautery 1956-51987
Churu , Rajasthan
Active Ortho System
electrocautery 2015-55999
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Kinesio Medicare & Surgical Disposables
electrocautery 2048-55302
Hyderabad , Telangana
Physio Slim
electrocautery 2383-51238
Amritsar , Punjab
Bunnia (Podder Diathermy)
electrocautery 2605-55352
Kolkata , West Bengal
Sun Shine Medical Equipment Guard LLP
electrocautery 2819-48276
Delhi , Delhi
Delta Fire Engineers
electrocautery 3032-56114
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Lifestance Enterprises
electrocautery 3403-50590
Nashik , Maharashtra
Yoga Enterprises
electrocautery 3493-52675
Pune , Maharashtra
Cosmos Healthcare
electrocautery 3851-52263
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Micro Medical Systems
electrocautery 4159-52852
Bathinda , Punjab
electrocautery 4163-52873
Mumbai , Maharashtra
SS Technomed Private Limited
electrocautery 4175-52909
Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
Alan Electronic Systems Private Limited
electrocautery 4198-55278
Thane , Maharashtra
Divlabs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
electrocautery 4207-52984
New Delhi , Delhi
eclipse instrumentation pvt ltd
electrocautery 4214-53018
Thane , Maharashtra
Ibm Medical Technologies
electrocautery 4218-53034
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
bio vision medical systems
electrocautery 4222-53059
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
electrocautery 4247-53198
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Edutek Instrumentation
electrocautery 4381-54174
Ambala , Haryana
PIKA Medical Private Limited
electrocautery 4419-54340
Bengaluru , Karnataka
electrocautery 4468-54536
Vadodara , Gujarat
Sarthak Meditech Pvt Ltd
electrocautery 4471-54574
Jaipur , Rajasthan
M/s Health Tech Systems
electrocautery 4531-54922
Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Rationell Healthcare Systems Private Limited
electrocautery 4545-55025
Secunderabad , Telangana
P. Bhogilal Private Limited
electrocautery 4550-55077
Kolkata , West Bengal
Ravi Bio Impex
electrocautery 4576-55289
Hyderabad , Telangana
Medinox Healthcare Pvt Ltd
electrocautery 4578-55301
Hyderabad , Telangana
Sculape India
electrocautery 4580-55311
Jalandhar , Punjab
Univarsal Medisystems Private Limited
electrocautery 4582-55323
Bhubaneswar , Odisha
Sai Vaibhav Medineed
electrocautery 4585-55431
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Surgitek International
electrocautery 4586-55342
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Medi Solutions
electrocautery 4587-55343
Indore , Madhya Pradesh
Endox Endo System
electrocautery 4593-55374
Kolkata , West Bengal
Avadh Medical Equipment & Services
electrocautery 45688-55386
Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Libra Enterprises
electrocautery 66029-55622
Ambala , Haryana
Vvm Biotech Infra Pvt Ltd
electrocautery 66045-55748
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Jez Health Care
electrocautery 66056-55833
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Sree Gokulam Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
electrocautery 66128-56194
Ernakulam , Kerala
Creative Medi Systems
electrocautery 66169-56281
Kolhapur , Maharashtra
Mary Medical System
electrocautery 66314-56735
Kochi , Kerala
electrocautery 66768-63063
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Medical Technologies & Solutions
electrocautery 66848-61434
Gurgaon , Haryana
Jaitra Meditech Labs
electrocautery 67032-65003
PRV Postrema Biomedical
electrocautery 67465-65069
Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Rukmani Medical Systems Private Limited
electrocautery 67508-65230
New Delhi , Delhi
T. P. L. Waves Private Limited
electrocautery 67514-65243
emma surgicals
electrocautery 67866-66103
Mumbai , Maharashtra

Electrocautery Machine

With one or more electrodes, an electrocautery machine consists of a generator and a handpiece. This device has a switch on the handpiece or it has a footswitch. It has the ability to produce a variety of electrical waveforms. Tissues get affected by waveforms.

Electrocauterization is mainly used in surgeries that remove harmful and unwanted tissue. It also helps in burning and sealing blood vessels. It can also stop bleeding while surgery and also after any injury. It is a safe procedure.

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