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E- Mold Techniques
Peg Tube 72-46055
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
World Healthcare Solution
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Kolkata , West Bengal
Online Surgicals.com
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Chennai , Tamil Nadu
P. K. Enterprises
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Labtech Disposables
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Ahmedabad , Gujarat
RX Shopy India Private Limited
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Hyderabad , Telangana
Om Surgicals
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Zirakpur , Punjab
Bhavin Sales Corporation
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Bengaluru , Karnataka
BVM Meditech Private Limited
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Delhi , Delhi
Ajosha Bio Teknik Pvt.ltd
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Eterno Healthcare Solutions
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Medtech Devices
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New Delhi , Delhi
Super International
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New Delhi , Delhi
Pathozyme Plast
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Kolhapur , Maharashtra
Deena Enterprise
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Suru International Private Limited
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Micromed International
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Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Renuka Group Of Companies
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Pune , Maharashtra
BK Medicals
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Pune , Maharashtra

PEG Tube

A PEG tube is distributed into a patient's gut through the stomach wall, most usually to deliver a means of nourishment when oral consumption is not satisfactory (for instance, because of dysphagia or tranquility). This offers enteral nourishment (making use of the normal assimilation procedure of the gastrointestinal zone) notwithstanding sidestepping the entrance; enteral nourishment is usually desirable to parenteral nourishment (which is only expended when the GI tract must be evaded). The PEG TUBE is an alternative to open medical gastrostomy inset, and does not necessitate a general anesthetic; slight torpor is characteristically expended. Ozahub Provides list of PEG tube manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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