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Perfect Technologies
Proctoscopes 383-45902
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Proctoscopes 837-45888
Delhi , Delhi
Bardia Devices
Proctoscopes 1537-50195
Kolkata , West Bengal
GK Surgicals
Proctoscopes 1727-51283
Jalandhar , Punjab
Chatterjee Surgical
Proctoscopes 1744-45889
Kolkata , West Bengal
Proctoscopes 2284-45885
Kolkata , West Bengal
United Scientific & Surgicals
Proctoscopes 2285-45887
Delhi , Delhi
The Medical Equipment Company
Proctoscopes 2286-50196
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Lifeyelid Enterprises
Proctoscopes 2287-45891
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Garg Life Care
Proctoscopes 2288-45892
Nagpur , Maharashtra
Samarth Surgical Industries
Proctoscopes 2289-45893
Thane , Maharashtra
Sabharwal Surgical Store
Proctoscopes 2290-45894
Delhi , Delhi
Kinsey Healthcare LLP
Proctoscopes 2291-45895
Pune , Maharashtra
Shakti Orthopaedic Industries Private Limited
Proctoscopes 2292-45897
New Delhi , Delhi
Surgical Hub
Proctoscopes 2293-45899
Delhi , Delhi
Care India Surgical
Proctoscopes 2294-50197
Delhi , Delhi
NKM Hospital Supplies
Proctoscopes 2295-45901
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Surgical Point Shop
Proctoscopes 2296-45904
Kolkata , West Bengal
Shreya Surgical Inc.
Proctoscopes 3712-65674
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Tufft Surgical Instruments
Proctoscopes 4358-53956
Ajmer , Rajasthan
Proctoscopes 4581-65673
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Advin Health Care
Proctoscopes 66452-65675
Mahemdavad , Gujarat
Golden Sports & Surgical Industries
Proctoscopes 67263-64634
Jalandhar , Punjab
Indo Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.
Proctoscopes 67264-64635
New Delhi , Delhi
Kodon Medtech Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Proctoscopes 67703-65676
Noida , Uttar Pradesh
Medinoll Healthcare
Proctoscopes 67705-65680
Ernakulam , Kerala
Proctoscopes 67707-65683
, Uttar Pradesh
Sun Labtek Equipments India Private
Proctoscopes 67708-65686
New Delhi , Delhi
Bino Scientific
Proctoscopes 67857-66020
Ambala , Haryana


A proctoscopy (also named inflexible sigmoidoscopy) is a process to inspect the interior of the rectum and the anus. It is typically completed to look for growths, lumps, irritation, hemorrhage, or hemorrhoids. A proctoscope is a reedy, tube-like gadget with a light and a lens for inspecting. The doctor will insert a gloved digit into your anus to test for sensitivity or obstruction. The medic will then inset an oiled proctoscope into the rectum and drive air in to enlarge the rectum. One may feel some pudginess like you want to pass a stool. Ozahub Provides a list of proctoscope manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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