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Maxlife health enterprises pvt ltd
Pneumatic Tubing System 748-49783
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Window Techs India Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 2617-391
New Delhi , Delhi
Narula Udyog India Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 2881-390
, Delhi
SNG (Srishty Medical Pvt. Ltd.)
Pneumatic Tubing System 2882-392
, Delhi
Pilot Aerolog Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 2883-393
Thrissur , Kerala
Diebold HMA Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 2884-394
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Prime Medical Systems
Pneumatic Tubing System 2885-395
Kochi , Kerala
Prenit World LLP
Pneumatic Tubing System 2886-396
New Delhi , Delhi
Modular Concepts India Pvt. Ltd.
Pneumatic Tubing System 2888-49777
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Pushpa Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Pneumatic Tubing System 2889-49781
New Delhi , Delhi
Prime Commercial Solutions
Pneumatic Tubing System 3590-65467
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Renuka Group Of Companies
Pneumatic Tubing System 3592-55590
Pune , Maharashtra
R. D. Plast Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 4022-52482
New Delhi , Delhi
Pneumatic Tubing System 4037-52544
Aurangabad , Maharashtra
Sun Narula Group
Pneumatic Tubing System 4062-52593
Delhi , Delhi
Sun Meditek Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 4087-52631
New Delhi , Delhi
Alcon Medi Tech India Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 4188-52941
Delhi , Delhi
IBK Engineers Private Limited
Pneumatic Tubing System 67593-65455
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Reach Pneumatics
Pneumatic Tubing System 67594-65456
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Taher Brothers
Pneumatic Tubing System 67595-65457
Bengaluru , Karnataka
Med Freshe Private Ltd
Pneumatic Tubing System 67597-65470
New Delhi , Delhi

Pneumatic Tubing System Manufacturers in India

Pneumatic tube systems are mostly used in hospitals with a capacity of more than 200 beds. It doesn't matter if it is blood, urine, or medication, whenever the speed is vital the hospital tube system will be able to transport equipment fast, and safely.

Through the networks of tubes, these are the systems that propel cylindrical containers by air or partial vacuum. As opposed to conventional pipelines, they are used to transport solid objects.

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