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Delta Medical Corporation
shoulder wheel 447-56128
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Pahwa Surgicals
shoulder wheel 28-58861
New Delhi , Delhi
Accord Medical Products Private Limited
shoulder wheel 95-4123
New Delhi , Delhi
Solution Forever
shoulder wheel 99-60913
New Delhi , Delhi
Meditech India
shoulder wheel 161-4130
Kolkata , West Bengal
NC Medical Systems
shoulder wheel 166-59356
Delhi , Delhi
Medical India Controls
shoulder wheel 167-58951
New Delhi , Delhi
Hertz Medical Equipments Private Limited
shoulder wheel 172-4139
Kolkata , West Bengal
Apex International
shoulder wheel 232-4133
Amritsar , Punjab
N Tech Medical Systems
shoulder wheel 351-58779
Meerut , Uttar Pradesh
Vision Body Care Private Limited
shoulder wheel 352-58714
Ludhiana , Punjab
a. j. auto engineers
shoulder wheel 471-60857
New Delhi , Delhi
Divine Physiotherapy Equipments
shoulder wheel 669-4129
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Shine Fitness Equipment
shoulder wheel 674-59053
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Unique Medical Appliances
shoulder wheel 699-58723
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Bharat Medical Systems
shoulder wheel 814-58705
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Physio Care Devices
shoulder wheel 902-58911
New Delhi , Delhi
shoulder wheel 903-4124
Delhi , Delhi
Physio Future International
shoulder wheel 904-4132
New Delhi , Delhi
AGM Overseas
shoulder wheel 1032-58939
Delhi , Delhi
shoulder wheel 1033-4128
Delhi , Delhi
Radikal Medequip Systems
shoulder wheel 1041-4141
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
R-slimming Medical Systems
shoulder wheel 1150-58720
New Delhi , Delhi
Physio Medicare Physiotherapy
shoulder wheel 1306-4135
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Pioneer Health Care
shoulder wheel 1311-59259
New Delhi , Delhi
Chirag Electronics Private Limited
shoulder wheel 1867-58810
Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Trishir Overseas
shoulder wheel 2002-59246
Delhi , Delhi
Physio Slim
shoulder wheel 2383-4131
Amritsar , Punjab
India Medico Instrument
shoulder wheel 2384-50234
Delhi , Delhi
Maktrex International
shoulder wheel 2387-4126
Delhi , Delhi
  Lohith Funfit India Private Limited
shoulder wheel 2390-4138
Hyderabad , Telangana
Arpan Associates
shoulder wheel 2392-4140
Uday Creations Private Limited
shoulder wheel 3624-49294
Nagpur , Maharashtra
Indian Healosurg Pvt Ltd.
shoulder wheel 4196-52955
New Delhi , Delhi
Advanced Technocracy Inc.
shoulder wheel 4571-55267
Ambala , Haryana
Scientific Medical Systems
shoulder wheel 66456-59207
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Medilab India
shoulder wheel 66473-58709
Bengaluru , Karnataka
DoctorTech India
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Visiono Body Care Pvt. Ltd.
shoulder wheel 66528-57926
Ludhiana , Punjab
Diamond Scientific and Surgicals
shoulder wheel 66532-57952
Hoshiarpur , Punjab
S. K. Enterprises
shoulder wheel 66552-58101
Delhi , Delhi
Galtron Electro Medical Private Limited
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Mumbai , Maharashtra
Byonic Health care
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Hyderabad , Telangana
R V Medical Devices
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Gurgaon , Haryana
Revive Global Medical
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Gurgaon , Haryana
Physiomodalities Enterprises
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Delhi , Delhi
Uma Decent Lighting
shoulder wheel 66611-58733
Delhi , Delhi
K R Pronto Pools And Infra Pvt Ltd
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Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu
shoulder wheel 66615-58771
Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Biowave Health Care
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New Delhi , Delhi
Kalia Recreations
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Noida , Uttar Pradesh
Life Care Systems
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Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
shoulder wheel 66632-59077
Kottayam , Kerala
Pact Exports Pvt. Ltd.
shoulder wheel 66635-59116
Cuttack , Odisha
Ratna Enterprises
shoulder wheel 66638-59178
, Karnataka
Maha Equipments
shoulder wheel 66640-59201
Guntur , Andhra Pradesh
shoulder wheel 66642-59215
Agra , Uttar Pradesh
M/s Tugania Industries
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Parth Fibrotech
shoulder wheel 66654-59321
Nagpur , Maharashtra
shoulder wheel 66656-59348
Vadodara , Gujarat
Athletic Trends Industries
shoulder wheel 66659-59370
Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
Bull Rage India Inc
shoulder wheel 66662-59393
Jalandhar , Punjab
Bullfinch Play
shoulder wheel 66665-59450
Kochi , Kerala
Medeal Medical Supplies Pvt Ltd
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Nagpur , Maharashtra
Superior Engineering Works
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Hyderabad , Telangana
Sonika Best Engineering  Works
shoulder wheel 66691-59697
Meerut , Uttar Pradesh
Physio King Surgicals
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New Delhi , Delhi
Physio Fenesta
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Delhi , Delhi
Derma Care
shoulder wheel 66957-62597
New Delhi , Delhi
M S Device
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Delhi , Delhi
IMS Electrocare Technologies Private Limited
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Chennai , Tamil Nadu
Health Care Devices
shoulder wheel 67122-64059
New Delhi , Delhi
Surjeet International
shoulder wheel 67124-64081
New Delhi , Delhi
TDSG  International
shoulder wheel 67129-64134
New Delhi , Delhi
Physio Care
shoulder wheel 67134-64173
New Delhi , Delhi

Shoulder Wheel

The shoulder wheel has so many advantages that it can offer motion in combined plains and for that, it uses different angles of abduction, external and internal rotation, extension, and flexion. This shoulder wheel is utilized while doing the shoulder exercise of the shoulder and it helps in stimulating the normal ranges of motion of the shoulder.

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