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Analytical Technologies Limited
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P. L. Tandon & Co.
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New Delhi , Delhi
Sterimac India
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Bioline Technologies
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Mediworld Services
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Ayelet Meditech Private Limited
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Instech Systems
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Sterile Safequip And Chemicals Llp
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Pernix Bio-Tech
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Sun Sterifaab Private Limited
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Krishna Scientific Suppliers
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Precious Techno Engineering
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Micromed International
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Steri Techno Fab
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Map Industries
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Hoslab Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
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Bio medical engineering services
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Medrev Healthcare Private Limited
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Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilization is mostly done by showing the items which are supposed to be sterilized with saturated steam under pressure. Steam helps it to increase the ability of heat to kill the microorganisms by reducing the time. It is the temperature that is required to coagulate or denature proteins in the microorganism.

In this process, steam molecules condense on cooler microorganisms. After this, steam molecules transfer 2500 joules per gram of steam heating. At this temperature, microorganisms can kill them

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